Wicker Works

Walters began with a single wicker chair design in 1972 using the finest raw materials.  Today, they have evolved into a multi-line company which includes collections of wicker, outdoor wicker, rattan, iron, teak, carved wood, rope, woven hemp and an incomparable Italian glass lamp collection. Wicker Works has remained a select, family-run company emphasizing original design, hand-craftsmanship and the use of natural and synthetic materials.


Walters is an 82 year old company with a strong commitment to detail, quality and customer service that has helped maintain and excellent reputation in both markets. They have always had a passion for wicker, rattan, bamboo, seagrass, water hyacinth, abaca rope and woven leather, but remain committed to finding new and different materials to present to. Far ranging travels contribute to extensive offerings fabricated with a wide variety of natural and sustainable rattan, fibers and woods. A commitment to clients to avoid the use of the rare, and to aim for a unique look with readily available and renewable resources.